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The regulations tabled in Parliament via Cabinet are:

• Accommodation Establishments
• Interior Lodges & Resorts
• Tour Operator
• Tour Guiding



The Accommodation Establishments Regulation

Tourism Accommodation Establishment is referred to as hotels, apartments, guest houses and inns. This regulation will provide operational licence and monitoring of all establishments under this category

1 . Accommodation Establishments Regulation (pdf)

2 . Application Form for Accommodation Establishments (pdf)

3. The Accommodation Establishments Regulation inspection checklist

Lodges & Resorts

The Interior Lodges & Resorts Regulation

Interior Lodges and Resorts - Lodges in the context of the regulation is referred to a small, rustic, overnight accommodation found in the wilderness or remote areas and also cater for meeting and dining facilities for visitors.

1 . Interior Lodges & Resorts Regulation (pdf)

2 . Application Form for Accommodation Establishments (pdf)

3 . The Interior Lodges & Resorts Regulation inspection checklist

Tour Operator

The Tour Operator Regulation

Tour Operator - a Tour Operator is an individual or company that provides a range of tour services for the international, regional or domestic tourism markets.

1 . Tour Operator Regulation (pdf)

2 . Application Form for Tour Operator (pdf)

3 . The Tour Operator Regulation inspection checklist

Tour Guiding

The Tour Guiding Regulation

Tourist Guides Regulation focuses on any individual who will guide a tour party and provide general information, interpret, indicate and inform on items of interest along the way or at a tourist attraction. All applicants for this license must have expert knowledge on a particular tourist attraction and are trained and experienced in this capacity.

1 . Tour Guiding Regulation (pdf)

2 .Application Form for Tour Guiding (pdf)

3 . The Tour Guiding Regulation inspection checklist